Love Panic Released!
Love Panic Release Party
Love Panic Lyrics

Playing for free on Saturday. RSVP here:

Come see us play for FREE on Saturday with this chill rsvp

Saturday 3pm @BKBazaar w/ our friends @FORTLEAN and many others for @thewildhoneypie birthday bash. All new material. Rock and Roll music.

Always surprising how funky the other bands at the practice space sound

when we were first practicing I asked jake 'do u think we'll ever play @glasslands ?'

We saw @EMAthorstar for the first time @glasslands and played our first show there a week later.

We learned how to be a band on the stage @glasslands they gave us a shot and we went from playing to a few friends to filling the room.

@carolinecwhite never 4get

@carolinecwhite those vegan crescent rolls are insanely delicious

We also have a lot of new songs we will be playing @BKBazaar on Saturday that will be on our next record. See you soon

For anyone who pre-ordered "Love Panic" vinyl we are deeply sorry about the hold up and have been told it's coming since July.

Our only CMJ appearance will be for @thewildhoneypie 5 year bday party @BKBazaar Saturday 10/25. Mostly new songs. And tacos.

ugh wish there was a NYE Rainer Maria pre-sale for ppl who cried at final Northsix show

@yocactus means everything

It's been awhile, see you tonight Brooklyn

Amped to be playing CBGB fest. RSVP to our first NYC show in a long time here. We'll be debuting some new songs and playing all the old hitz xoxoxo

Yesterday, a late afternoon #Tunesday went up, featuring The Echo Friendly - a new favorite band! Check out their song, "Same Mistakes" and check out the full post for more music!

Tunesday: The Echo Friendly, Love Panic

Tix are now on sale for our first NYC show since May. We will be playing with the Love Panic line up and also debuting some new material.

spent the night in Seligman AZ & it was mega cool

San Fransisco ruled!! Thanks Rock Subculture Journal for these awesome pix! xo

San Fransisco see you tonight!!