I Wanna Get High With You [VIDEO]
Glasslands Show!
Love Panic Released!

"I didn't think your little feet could reach the pedals." --Mulder #xfiles #shippers

@juliefallin we'll be back soon

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Why is Lace the only one at the table with a glass of red wine? #bachelorlive #TheBachelor

What's the tightest iPad app? #iPad #echopresley #xmas

Shout out to everyone who discovered our music thru @LeslyeHeadland's "Sleeping With Other People" there will be more music in 2016

If you dig us and also Elvis and Lee Hazlewood check out this collection of covers and out takes https://t.co/HiXUBrxXBA #echopresley

Merry Xmas from the Echo Friendly https://t.co/Iq5M4F3eom

@grey603 https://t.co/HiXUBrxXBA

@grey603 https://t.co/HiXUBrxXBA

Merry Christmas! THANKS to everyone who's asked about our cover of Elvis' 'Love Me' from Sleeping with Other People. Here's a free download of it along with all the songs from our cassette Echo Presley. xoxo-j&s https://echo-friendly.bandcamp.com/album/echo-presley

@walkerholt Download it for free here: https://t.co/HiXUBrxXBA

"Love Me" and more also available for streaming here: https://t.co/lJeXMMWn4K

Merry X-mas! Here is a free album of covers and outtakes featuring "Love Me" from Sleeping with other people. https://t.co/HiXUBrxXBA

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Shout out to our dear dear friends at High Low Recording and American Grapefruit https://vimeo.com/149845473

很浪漫的The Echo Friendly,算是很溫柔的Shoegaze風格,有些許的耶誕氣氛在裡頭,原來可以有這樣的編曲,覺得厲害。 本月份的旋轉調色盤 " 美味·好食~兒童創意美展 " 持續到明年展出,喜歡捏捏黏土手作的朋友,千萬別錯過。 #小間日常愛聽音樂愛講音樂

@Castingfortwo theechofriendly@gmail.com

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One of my faves from last summer. The Echo Friendly "Fuck It And Whatever"

Jake & Jake were setting up for the debut of their guitar duo when the fire broke out, they just lost some pedals but some people lost their home. Help out if you can with $ or good thoughts. http://gothamist.com/2015/09/26/bushwick_venue_silent_barn_seriousl.php#photo-2

Photo by Kate Bryant 2014


Tonight we're so excited to host the Outsmartbk Official Closing Party with music by The Echo Friendly, Riverwild, #Hints & Nigel Rubirosa party is 8PM - 12AM and entry is free - still time to RSVP: bit.ly/igooutsmart