Glasslands Show!
Love Panic Released!
Love Panic Release Party

Photo: at Glasslands Gallery

Photo: Just released the first video we made for fuck it and whatever. our friend and jakes roommate at the...

this is the first video we made for fuck it and whatever. our friend and jakes roommate at the time Kate Bryant directed it. Seemed fitting to release it in honor of our Goodbye Glasslands show tomorrow night. We don't live in separate basement apartments anymore, we don't live in Greenpoint anymore, the bar in the video doesn't exist anymore, and Shannon doesn't smoke cigarettes anymore. shit changes. we're married now. thanks to all our friends in it & everywhere.

thx @TheDeliMagazine

Check out The Echo Friendly on The Deli Magazine and don't miss their Brooklyn show at Glasslands Gallery on 11/21!

Photo: 11/21 playing Glasslands one last time before they close. Tickets on sale

NYC friends come to @glasslands next Friday. It'll be the last time we play there before they close

TIckets and info for our show at Glasslands next week!

heads up in Williamsburg, some aggressive older white dude w switchblade tryin to rob ppl in front of movie theater

We are playing @glasslands 11/21 it will be the last time we play there before it closes tickets on sale at

The Ghost of Brooklyn LIVE ALBUM:

@tothemaxxx WOW!!!! that's so great! 💗💗💗

@StuPedasis thanks Steve!!! 🐯🐯

@itsLIAT very for reals

fuck everything. today we're getting married.

@ladygish cool we are about to announce a big one for the end of November! Stay tuned!

@_fairyst 💘

Also I know how to tie a bow tie now if anyone has any questions

Time for #TCVideoFridays CMJ Edition! Check out this week's round-up of videos from TuneCore Artists playing around NYC for CMJ this week, including Zella Day, Little Daylight, Modern Rivals, Yellerkin, Fort Lean, The Echo Friendly, Neighbors, Twin Wave, turf war and The Kickback:

Playing for free on Saturday. RSVP here:

It's been awhile, see you tonight Brooklyn

Amped to be playing CBGB fest. RSVP to our first NYC show in a long time here. We'll be debuting some new songs and playing all the old hitz xoxoxo

Yesterday, a late afternoon #Tunesday went up, featuring The Echo Friendly - a new favorite band! Check out their song, "Same Mistakes" and check out the full post for more music!

Tunesday: The Echo Friendly, Love Panic