I Wanna Get High With You [VIDEO]
Glasslands Show!
Love Panic Released!

RSVP to our Show at Mercury with our friends Surf Rock is Dead https://www.facebook.com/events/1097943500268194/

Feel like I'll never be nostalgic again for times before Lemonade existed https://t.co/e3md8tVYBe

Hi Echo Friendly, I listened to your music and liked it a lot. Email me at kelly@jam-radio.com. Kelly www.jam-radio.com/philadelphia

Dirty Mind 4ever

Miss u summer #rockaway https://t.co/1sO3grFper

We met the great @APMike last night at the @TheRealYLT show in Jersey City #bestshow4life #billyjoelsucks #fot https://t.co/e83AUm2cjp

Tix on sale now

"No one wrote about the way men and women blow apart and come together again the way that Merle Harrgard did." I thought about this song a lot when we were writing the first Echo Friendly songs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PY2yW9Biyo

On sale now. Ticket link in bio. Shannon's bday show. @ Mercury Lounge https://t.co/uxVUdxZS93

@shannonlucia just sang "lord I must be a gamblin' man" by the Allman Brothers

Music's @dotheawesome bassist and selector for the EF, living the greenscreen dream. Photo by… https://t.co/pJit9fkmGi

#fbf Hurricane Sandy. October 2012. My apartment on Green street was flooding and we were… https://t.co/tZSJLny46R

@laurenekelly Thanks for listening! NYC show and new music soon.

If #vinyl took place now, all the Coke deals would be replaced by online health insurance premium payments and seamless

If #vinyl took place now it'd be called FREE and it would mainly be about the bands' other jobs.

@howthree thanks for listening! It means the world!

@elektra91 oMG this is amazing!!!!

Thinking of ya'll this weekend. Lots of new stuff coming. Stay with us.

Jo Jo's brothers #TheBachelor https://t.co/UjfCxWlUV5

@meagansham loneliest I ever was @bestshow4life saved me. Also call Chelsea with @chelseaperetti and @iseemfunpodcast

So excited for @robsheff 's #bowie book. I wish I was reading it on a beach right now.

New friends check out our rarities and covers collection "Echo Presley" featuring our cover of "Love Me." https://t.co/HiXUBrxXBA

Merry Christmas! THANKS to everyone who's asked about our cover of Elvis' 'Love Me' from Sleeping with Other People. Here's a free download of it along with all the songs from our cassette Echo Presley. xoxo-j&s https://echo-friendly.bandcamp.com/album/echo-presley

Shout out to our dear dear friends at High Low Recording and American Grapefruit https://vimeo.com/149845473