I Wanna Get High With You [VIDEO]
Glasslands Show!
Love Panic Released!

Hi everyone sorry our album is not on any of the streaming services or iTunes. We are figuring out the issue. Thanks for listening. 💙

Playing our first Manhattan show in over a year 8/9 @elvisguesthouse. can't wait. http://t.co/ukC1iay8ry

@TitusAndronicus @RadackGuitars

These guys have mixed and engineered everything we've done. Thank god for High/Low Recording http://m.memphisflyer.com/memphis/pete-matthews-joins-high-low-recording/Content?oid=4026834

@itsLIAT August 9th so close!

@EastEndChild @cameogallery not yet...

Echo Friendly side project alert: HAUNTED CARWASH live at @cameogallery tomorrow night at 9pm. Dance-y garage covers and lose jams #dead50

Got to see this movie at the TriBeCa Film Festival & LOVED IT SO FUCKING MUCH. So thrilled to have our music in it (& the trailer)! http://www.avclub.com/article/jason-sudeikis-and-alison-brie-are-sleeping-other--221385

Thank god The Sheiks came to BK so we cld finally see them & buy all their records. Jesus effing Christ #memphis #usa http://t.co/qAnElW6CUn

So honored to have our music in the beautiful movie https://t.co/5WelYHJxTD

@middledistant yes! DM us and we'll give u the info!

OH MY GOD FUCK YeS @scharpling & @jonwurster on @sethmeyers next week‼️ https://t.co/NmtDdJfY4c

:( https://t.co/55uKsjRnP8

Our bassist Jake Vest is debuting his incredible songs tonight at Union Pool and we're all backing him up. It's gonna be so fun.

Amped to see SIMON DOOM tonite, they go on at 8. See y'all tonite <3 https://soundcloud.com/simon-doom/my-babys-a-baby

Love this Aerial East vid so much. Come early to our Rough Trade show tmrw to catch her at 7. https://vimeo.com/98813760

Friday night at Rough Trade with some good friends. PLUS get a copy of our new ltd ed. Tape "Echo Presley" FREE when you buy a record or T-shirt.

Announcing new limited edition Cassette-only release: "ECHO PRESLEY" featuring all previously unreleased covers and outakes. Available with purchase of any LP or T-shirt at our show 4/3

new vid for I Wanna Get High With You made out of Gifs by Kentucker Audley makes my heart swell #memphis #linkinbio (at GifBoom)

Видео из GIF, сделанное на замечательную песню The Echo Friendly Вспоминаем рецензию на один из лучших альбомов прошлого года "Love Panic" http://www.rollingstone.ru/music/review/20255.html

This is a video for "I Wanna Get High With You" made up entirely of GIFs made by our friend Kentucker Audley. All the footage was shot in Memphis while we were recording a couple of years ago before we got back together. See ya'll 4/3 at Rough Trade. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weZeWNQKNNs

Wer wie ich auf starke Basslines steht, wird diesen Song bestimmt mögen. The Echo Friendly aus Brooklyn haben das schöne Stück hervorgebracht. Enjoy! ♠M

Love your work! Current favorite is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FIrq1xcVVo Y

THRILLED TO ANNOUNCE THE STUPID WAIT IS FINALLY OVER!! THE VINYL HAS ARRIVED!! it's seriously very beautiful, there is a fold out poster with lyrics! Thanks for still caring, we love you. ALSO- there are a limited number of signed copies that come with the fuckitandwhatever video t-shirt all at our online store xoxo http://theechofriendly.merchdirect.com/