I Wanna Get High With You [VIDEO]
Glasslands Show!
Love Panic Released!

Friday night at Rough Trade with some good friends. PLUS get a copy of our new ltd ed. Tape "Echo Presley" FREE when you buy a record or T-shirt.

This Friday we are debuting a bunch of new songs and releasing a limited edition cassette of covers and outakes @RoughTradeNYC don't miss it

@StuPedasis hey! hAPPY BDAY!! 💪⚡️🏄

Announcing "Echo Presley" a limited edition cassette of covers and rarities available at our @RoughTradeNYC show 4/3 http://t.co/gWnVhL2rDJ

Announcing new limited edition Cassette-only release: "ECHO PRESLEY" featuring all previously unreleased covers and outakes. Available with purchase of any LP or T-shirt at our show 4/3

Photo: new vid for I Wanna Get High With You made out of Gifs by Kentucker Audley makes my heart swell... http://t.co/33xJusOzwm

Видео из GIF, сделанное на замечательную песню The Echo Friendly Вспоминаем рецензию на один из лучших альбомов прошлого года "Love Panic" http://www.rollingstone.ru/music/review/20255.html

New video made entirely from GIFs by director @KentuckerAudley for "I Wanna Get High With You." Shot in Memphis 2012 https://t.co/3fU12szRmL

This is a video for "I Wanna Get High With You" made up entirely of GIFs made by our friend Kentucker Audley. All the footage was shot in Memphis while we were recording a couple of years ago before we got back together. See ya'll 4/3 at Rough Trade. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weZeWNQKNNs

Wer wie ich auf starke Basslines steht, wird diesen Song bestimmt mögen. The Echo Friendly aus Brooklyn haben das schöne Stück hervorgebracht. Enjoy! ♠M

@kittaveli ☁️💖☁️

@RoughTradeNYC 4/3 Tix on sale friday http://t.co/MpzEeJ0LE3

have barely been able to even enjoy their comeback/NCTL due to steady sadness/confusion/panic over not having tix

scored face value sleater-kinney tix for tmrw and can finally FUCKING RELAX

We were totally in the sound of music together in middle school #unclemax #marta #glenfield #oscars

damn @HIMANSHU 💔 “@RollingStone: Hear Heems and Dev Hynes' glimmering break-up jam "Home," http://t.co/z0RIV991HE

@carolinecwhite @KentuckerAudley noooooooooooo

Love your work! Current favorite is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FIrq1xcVVo Y

*there are a limited number of signed copies that come with the shirt from fuckitandwhatever video http://t.co/oAmBcOyKbh


THRILLED TO ANNOUNCE THE STUPID WAIT IS FINALLY OVER!! THE VINYL HAS ARRIVED!! it's seriously very beautiful, there is a fold out poster with lyrics! Thanks for still caring, we love you. ALSO- there are a limited number of signed copies that come with the fuckitandwhatever video t-shirt all at our online store xoxo http://theechofriendly.merchdirect.com/

We made @metalgf's year end list of best non-metal albums of 2014!! http://www.metalsucks.net/2014/12/02/metalgfs-top-ten-albums-2014/

this is the first video we made for fuck it and whatever. our friend and jakes roommate at the time Kate Bryant directed it. Seemed fitting to release it in honor of our Goodbye Glasslands show tomorrow night. We don't live in separate basement apartments anymore, we don't live in Greenpoint anymore, the bar in the video doesn't exist anymore, and Shannon doesn't smoke cigarettes anymore. shit changes. we're married now. thanks to all our friends in it & everywhere. http://youtu.be/0FIrq1xcVVo

Check out The Echo Friendly on The Deli Magazine and don't miss their Brooklyn show at Glasslands Gallery on 11/21!