I Wanna Get High With You [VIDEO]
Glasslands Show!
Love Panic Released!

@Binx8686 thx! Would love to!

On repeat 😜

Photo by Kate Bryant 2014


Tonight we're so excited to host the Outsmartbk Official Closing Party with music by The Echo Friendly, Riverwild, #Hints & Nigel Rubirosa party is 8PM - 12AM and entry is free - still time to RSVP: bit.ly/igooutsmart

Tonight another free show!! RSVP here http://bit.ly/1SK6WK6 We play at 10:30 👬👫

Tonight! Free Show number 2 at Black Bear bar RSVP below!! https://t.co/zQnH210hKL

Hard to see The Echo Friendly because this place is jumpin jumpin! At Elvis Guest House

Tomorrow night @elvisguesthouse 9pm showtime http://t.co/yhGRHzGpg0

Sunday night Free Early Show at Elvis Guesthouse. Can't wait! https://www.facebook.com/events/952691914793208/

@borrowedbirds hey, email theechofriendly@gmail.com

@GB__94 We would love to! All we need is a promoter to fly us out, rent some gear, and book us a couple of rooms!

We are playing for free this Sunday evening. Capacity is limited. See you there. https://t.co/Rk4MFxTEkS

Our album is back on all streaming and digital retail platforms. Sorry it was down for a minute xoxo

Hey guys sorry for the lapse, Love Panic is back up on Spotify, iTunes, & everything ! Thx 4 listening xo http://t.co/Fwx1mTyoCv

@teenfuckingidle don't worry it will be back sometime next week.

#tbt to the first Echo Friendly show in January 2011 at the buccaneer in Memphis, TN https://t.co/0IqcYt8U2N

elvisguesthouse 8/9 free show tons of new songs. @ Crown Victoria Bar https://t.co/cGJSHX387v

Hi everyone sorry our album is not on any of the streaming services or iTunes. We are figuring out the issue. Thanks for listening. 💙

Playing our first Manhattan show in over a year 8/9 @elvisguesthouse. can't wait. http://t.co/ukC1iay8ry

@TitusAndronicus @RadackGuitars

These guys have mixed and engineered everything we've done. Thank god for High/Low Recording http://m.memphisflyer.com/memphis/pete-matthews-joins-high-low-recording/Content?oid=4026834

@itsLIAT August 9th so close!

@EastEndChild @cameogallery not yet...