I Wanna Get High With You [VIDEO]
Glasslands Show!
Love Panic Released!

Pretty sure #TheVoiceFinale is longer than Woodstock

Thanks to everyone there Friday. It was the best. More news soon (photo by kate Bryant)

See everyone tonight @MercuryLoungeNY w @SurfRockisDead doors at 7:30 xoxoxoxo

Tonight y'all *EARLY SHOW* Doors at 7:30. Surf Rock is Dead at 7:45, EF 8:30. See you there!

@ruthseavers as soon as someone flies us over!

This Friday. Mercury Lounge. 8:30pm. Get ur tix https://t.co/bkpfvW9NK3 https://t.co/dts9VknK00

RSVP to our Show at Mercury with our friends Surf Rock is Dead https://www.facebook.com/events/1097943500268194/

Feel like I'll never be nostalgic again for times before Lemonade existed https://t.co/e3md8tVYBe

Hi Echo Friendly, I listened to your music and liked it a lot. Email me at kelly@jam-radio.com. Kelly www.jam-radio.com/philadelphia

Dirty Mind 4ever

Miss u summer #rockaway https://t.co/1sO3grFper

We met the great @APMike last night at the @TheRealYLT show in Jersey City #bestshow4life #billyjoelsucks #fot https://t.co/e83AUm2cjp

Tix on sale now

"No one wrote about the way men and women blow apart and come together again the way that Merle Harrgard did." I thought about this song a lot when we were writing the first Echo Friendly songs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PY2yW9Biyo

On sale now. Ticket link in bio. Shannon's bday show. @ Mercury Lounge https://t.co/uxVUdxZS93

@shannonlucia just sang "lord I must be a gamblin' man" by the Allman Brothers

Music's @dotheawesome bassist and selector for the EF, living the greenscreen dream. Photo by… https://t.co/pJit9fkmGi

#fbf Hurricane Sandy. October 2012. My apartment on Green street was flooding and we were… https://t.co/tZSJLny46R

@laurenekelly Thanks for listening! NYC show and new music soon.

If #vinyl took place now, all the Coke deals would be replaced by online health insurance premium payments and seamless

If #vinyl took place now it'd be called FREE and it would mainly be about the bands' other jobs.

Merry Christmas! THANKS to everyone who's asked about our cover of Elvis' 'Love Me' from Sleeping with Other People. Here's a free download of it along with all the songs from our cassette Echo Presley. xoxo-j&s https://echo-friendly.bandcamp.com/album/echo-presley

Shout out to our dear dear friends at High Low Recording and American Grapefruit https://vimeo.com/149845473

很浪漫的The Echo Friendly,算是很溫柔的Shoegaze風格,有些許的耶誕氣氛在裡頭,原來可以有這樣的編曲,覺得厲害。 本月份的旋轉調色盤 " 美味·好食~兒童創意美展 " 持續到明年展出,喜歡捏捏黏土手作的朋友,千萬別錯過。 #小間日常愛聽音樂愛講音樂