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Photo: cat sleeping in gig bag

Wish there was an Elvis Emoticon

Photo: "What do you assholes even wanna watch?" (at Graceland, Queens)

Photo: #regram from @verucasaltband miss ya’ll. Steve in a chill EF tee! (at Graceland, Queens)

Photo: River City Tanlines slayed last night. Really hate to leave u memphis. (at Murphys)

Photo: also there’s lightning #nofilt (at I40 in Arkansas)

Photo: this pic is much chiller than our experience here #4hrsTilMemphis (at fort smith, arkansas)

spent the night in Seligman AZ & it was mega cool

it's also chill they're so good at driving

I luv my bandmates cuz when I accidentally buy non-vegan candy, they tell me it's not even that good #blessed

thx so much!! MT “@Sound_Vision_MX: Los mejores lanzamientos de 2014, hasta ahora... (best albums of 2014 so far)

Photo: at Petrified Forest National Park

Photo: at Historic Route 66- Az

Photo: at Wigwam Motel

Video: uhhh (at Route 66, Arizona)

thank u!!! pix & review of LA show MT “@thumosaicbw: Music Comes First: The Echo Friendly @ The Roxy, 6/27/14 - ...

San Fransisco ruled!! Thanks Rock Subculture Journal for these awesome pix! xo

San Fransisco see you tonight!!

Thank You Vancouver!!! Thanks Creative Copper Images

Great performance last night at The Biltmore Cabaret in Vancouver. I've posted all my photos on my Facebook page if you'd like to take a look.

When a band manages to reconcile differences and reunite for a glorious tour, it's a beautiful sight for sore eyes. Timbre Concerts presents Veruca Salt (Official), who are reuniting with all of their original members next Tuesday at the The Biltmore Cabaret! Featuring Special Guests The Echo Friendly, an added bonus that you do not want to miss. Check the event link below for more details!

Here is some *New Music* we recorded in collaboration with Tom GIlroy and Cinereach Ltd. for Tom's film The Cold Lands. Honored to be a part of this project.

found this pic on twitter from tues nite. thx Antonio Delellis!

For everyone who has been asking, the pre-order for the Love Panic Vinyl LP is up on our site now. It comes with a handwritten lyrics poster. It's going to be a very limited run so get it now!